I have been here in Montreal for 5 days now & I haven't even seen a Mountie! We have had a chance to do some rehearsal, which consists mostly of talking about the scene rather than getting up on our feet and making it come to life. I am really enjoying the challenge that Gamache is bringing. He's a lot older than I am, with grey hair and a moustache. Oops.

Nevermind, I have been given many good character insights by the book fans & I have found some interesting comments on the forum discussing Gamache and the stories. Quite rightly you have almost all understood a clear difference between him & Lynley. The various dynamics of the investigating team and villagers will all seem very different. Penny's books seem to have gained quite a following. I am about to start the second book, but I find it quite hard to read when I am working. Hopping from one world to the next and then reality too. Too much for a bear of very little brain.

Exciting October on it's way with The Domino Effect opening in Holland and Me & Mrs Jones broadcasting on the 12th.  I think Alfie Atkins starts soon too. I wish I had more news, but when I do I shall pass it on!

Happy Days to ALL

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