I am drawing to a close this adventure in Canada with some regret and with great relief. The relief is all about family. I miss them terribly. 5-6 weeks away from home is never a good idea, & this has been tough. However, the work has been great fun & I certainly hope to have another crack at Gamache. It is so different from playing Lynley. I would never say one was more exiting to play that the other. In fact, that kind of applies to all parts. Every new part is a challenge. Interestingly the first question I got asked about on CBC News the other day was, "How is it different form playing Lynley?"  Please go to this link to see/hear my response.  There is no comparison.

Back to this then. The cast and crew are extraordinary. There are a couple of people I will mention, but if any of them ever read this, please know that YOU ALL made it a great experience. Peter & Phyllis, and Brian were as welcoming and cooperative as you could wish for and Bob, whose lenses I have been in front of all this time runs a great team, all pf whom came to the plate and made it a pleasure. Collen from make up knows she's one of the best, and Pascal is as good a 1st AD as you will find anywhere. Both run terrific teams. Ian, and lovely Sly are tops. Ian is in charge of on screen props and is possibly the funniest man on a film set anywhere. Sometimes you meet a soul mate. 

As for the cast. As I have said before the depth of talent here is amazing. To EVERYONE in the cast WELL DONE. As a bunch of lads & lasses, they couldn't have been more helpful & supportive, from Anthony, Susanna & Katie & Gabe to those who came in for just a day, just a scene, they have all been PUCKER. I have introduced some to my musical tastes, (Ian Drury to Rivers Rutherford) & Comedy, (HERO TIM MINCHIN). One last shout to Christian who has become a great friend. 

That's a wee insight into my time here. I hope it will be resurrected with another Gamache. I think it's a format that the North American public could really take to. I am sorry if I am not everyone's idea of Gamache, but I have really tried to get his spirit. As you can all tell it has been fun trying. Enough gushing. Bonne Chance Tout Le Monde.

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