Seven Nominations from The Critic's Circle.  How fantastic.  Well done EVERYONE who has worked on these shows. From the amazing team at RSC in Stratford to the excellent lot at The Aldwych in London, to our present Band of Brothers and Sisters in New York.  Sensational work from everyone.  Huge Love.   

Very funny to find myself up against Paul Jesson.  I am sure that anyone who has these shows would agree, Paul is THE MAN.  We all adore Paul in the company, He is the Father of the Company. Sweetly last weekend when we were celebrating my Olivier I asked him what year he won his, also for Best Supporting, and he replied quick as a flash, '86. "You were quick to remember that Paul" I said, "Ooh, Nat, you'll never forget this year!"  I look up to Paul hugely and have learnt much from him.  And, of course, up against McCabe for the Audience. And by happy coincidence he won his Olivier for that when we were together in London doing that show. I don't know Bryce or Alessandro, but I have heard wonderful things about them, so it is pretty vaulted company to be in. Thank You Critic's Circle.  

 These shows are such fun to be in. They are definitely the best they have ever been, and such is the nature of the theatre that we still strive every night to make them better again.  Huge amount of fun. 

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