This week sees the end of the race riding career of A P McCoy. He is a LEGEND. Not only has there never been a jockey of his standing in racing before, either over the jumps or on the flat, but I would say, there have been few sportsmen with the record he has in any sport anywhere in the world.

20 years as CHAMPION in a sport where you risk you life every day on every ride. Who else has ever done that? His will to win is a obsession, a marvellous, thrilling, terrifying and joyous obsession.  I have seen him win so many horses that had no idea they could win. The old cliche is that he picks a tiring horse up and carries it over the finish line.   I have been lucky enough to know him a little, enough that when we see each other in the parade ring we will come up to each other and have a good laugh or chat, but nothing, NOTHING, will get in the way of his concentration.

There is no jockey who has lost as many races, and none who have won more. I don't think his record will ever be broken. HE IS A CHAMPION  & it is a pleasure to have brushed with his talent!

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