What a marvellous and extraordinary roller-coaster we're on.  As I have said many times, this company, whether it be Hilary with the pen, or Mikey my dresser in Stratford, or Matthew Pidgeon playing two roles, or Eric one of our Broadway doormen, EVERYONE, EVERYONE, has grown into a wonderful family. And I couldn't be prouder to be a member of it.  To have been nominated for every possible category we could be nominated for, is such a testament to the work and effort everyone has put in. Huge Congratulations to all. Actors, crew, musicians, hair, costume, props, producers, front of house and of course DIRECTOR !

I think this will mean a rather frantic and exciting whirlwind of press over the next five weeks. I look forward to it. Never underestimate the press. I have to admit, I love it all. I think I am having more fun on this job than almost any I have ever done. not to say it isn't hard work, & a wee bit testing at times, but the reward is immense. I'll give you an example. On Sunday when we went out for the first of the 2 plays there was no applause from the audience. This does happen sometimes, but not often, I would say only 10-20% of the time. Anyway, they seemed to love it, because when we started the 2nd play, with most of the same audience, there was not only clapping but cheering & bravos, before we even began it! They were that excited. And a wonderful standing ovation at the end. Pretty bloody good feeling that! 

Before the Tony night of course there are other really exciting ceremonies. The Outer Critic's Circle. Obviously very stylish. The Drama League, the oldest and toughest, (I am up against 49 others I think, including Dame Helen!) and the Drama Desk, that I am not nominated for, but Ben & Lydia and others are. Playbill have been kind enough to include me in a list of Breakthrough Performances over the season. I wish they had a dinner or something, because there are some amazing talents among that list. I am bouncing off the walls with adrenalin and enjoying every second. 


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