Hello All,

Well, the show went out last night in the US and without hearing yet how it was received, I just thought I would wish it luck. I hope all who watch it enjoy it. It will excite, disappoint, and even anger some I should think. It's the Bible. Some people interpret it one way and others another. This is how our writers & producers decided to do it and I feel lucky to have been involved. They are an incredibly hard working and devoted bunch of guys with an immense amount of talent.

I hope the audience/press/network all enjoy watching what we enjoyed making. I hope there is another chance to work with all of them again. I know the crew and cast put more than enough in, but like I say we are dealing with the Bible. Obviously there are a million and one ways to interpret the Bible. If it was a clear manuscript with only one way of reading it, it wouldn't carry the weight it does. It would also probably mean there were far less wars, and the same is true of the Quran. Or would there? Of course most wars over the last 2000 years have been religious, but then those maniacs who think killing is what their gods are telling them to do, would have found another reason to kill. It's part of their warped mindset. And before the books we had the Greeks, who we know of through the Iliad, and let's be honest, that's all about war too. For those of us who are happy to exist and let other peaceful creeds exist, well, it seems we have to pick up the pieces of the bloodthirsty.  But I digress. 


Of Kings And Prophets is fun to watch and was a lot of fun to be in.  Enjoy.

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