News today of Alan Rickman's death is awful. What a wonderful wonderful man. He was such an amazing actor.  
The part I am playing now, has 2 references, Tony Soprano & ALAN RICKMAN. Funny thing is one is a character and the other was real.  Alan brought depth and colour to every role he played and seemed to enjoy himself every time. He changed the platform for us, not just as baddies, but everything.   

He was so kind to me when I saw him in New York playing Private Lives. At the time he was the only member of the cast I didn't know, but having drinks in his dressing room backstage he could see pain in my eyes. It was not long after my dad had died, and he asked me about him, and then we talked for half an hour, in our own little bubble. His tenderness and wisdom were unforgettable and you can't help listening to him, really listening. I met him variously over the years after that and I will always be better off for having having known him, even a little bit.



I have had a crush on him for years, literally years.  He played a huge part in my formation as Nat. Hero, absolute Hero. Don't want to get flowery about him. There's too much to say, and most of it has already been done so much better than I could. Even to the last though. That new album.    Awwwwww.        Hero.

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