Half way through the run at the Vaudeville. What a lot of fun it is. I have really got back my enthusiasm for the boards. Love it. Mind you we are doing a Brilliant play. Blimey Oscar was SOOOO good. How could the world treat him so badly towards the end. Anyway, what a fab time. Cast are tremendous. No starriness, just camaraderie. And talent. And the website visitors who have come and said HELLO afterwards have been so sweet. I got a lovely present from Evelyn and Roland from Paris. What a charming couple. Thanks guys, Merci. And so many others including non-website peeps. The chap who voices me into French for Merlin and more, came. Everyone has been so nice.  

What happens next is a mystery, but I have hinted at something, and I'm still not quite telling, but I can say it's behind the camera for something. (Hopefully in front too). Angel's short film seems to be getting itself ready. I may be begging you to go to a donate page one day, but I will try to keep that at arm's length.

And moving back to London! Ahhhhh Our beautiful Gloucestershire house that Anna, my wife, built, has kept me away from family for too long. SO as sad as it is, it is all for the right reasons. So from Gloucestershire fields to London postage stamps, what a change.

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