Hello all. Thank you to all those who have been kind enough to come to the show in London. It has been such a fantastic run. We close here in a couple of weeks and then on to Bath. That should be great fun too. I hope Bath will just the place for this production. I have received so many kind words, and presents from people during this run. Thank you all.  I am sorry if I have sometimes run in or out of the theatre rather rapidly. I am usually late for something!

Went up to Edinburgh for the World Premiere of Swimming With Men. It was amazing up there. For a start, lovely to have time with my brother Olly on the train. Always a treat. The cinema was beautiful. It was the Festival Hall and it was brimming. I have never heard such warm, consistent laughter and applause at the end of a movie as SWM had. It was a joy. Completely contrary to the review in The Scotsman the next morning, which said it was a, "typically dull end to the Film Festival". Blimey, if that was dull, I want to be there when it's rocking!  Of course the reviewer has to write what he or she thinks, but I do wish they would try to see comedies WITH an audience.  Too often, and it's not necessarily their fault, they watch them on a Tuesday morning at a screening with just one or two people there. For a lot of movies that is fine, but for comedies I do feel it would be easier to gauge if the film works, if the general public are there.

We have had a few screenings and every single one has been fantastic. To be honest I think Rob Bryden has done a fantastic job.  Never easy for a comedian to act amongst really good actors, but Rob pulls it off with flying colours. The other actors are indeed really good.  What strikes me is that it almost seems unscripted it's so natural. It is not, and was never meant to be a follow on or competitor to The Full Monty. That is such a good movie, with its comedy and and originality and its rage against society and power. This has its own rage, against existential issues, like time and miscommunication. Very different, and in their own ways just as funny and, in my view, successful. I urge you all to go see it.   

In the meantime, I am about to launch a crowd funding plea for my daughter Angel's short film. I will post that as soon as it is done. So exciting. Such a good wee film with a lot of youthful talent. Can't wait.  

Bye for now

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