Hola, wow, Madrid is a wonderful city. So beautiful. The people are all so welcoming too. The work is why I am here of course, and I having a fun time on that front. I've only had 2 days on set, but I have now worked with the first two directors, Guillem Morales and Alberto Rojo. They both have great credits I am told, but I only really know Guillem. He directed the brilliant Inside No9. Well, he did the second series and some of the third I think.

They are utterly fantastic, in fact he was nominated for a BAFTA for the first ep of series 2. Do try to watch it. It's kinda off the wall, but I hope you get into it. Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith are utter geniuses. 

So La Templanza isn't exactly along those lines, but it surrounded by a lot of talent. On my first evening here, I was having a wee bite with Guillem and Nick Farrell wandered past. He's in it! How lovely is that? He's so classy is our Nick. I have had a day on set with Rafael Novoa, who is silly handsome really, and Raul Briones, but I haven't seen them acting really, but I have had a chance to do one of my major scenes with Leonor Watling, who plays Sol, my wife. She and Rafael are the main characters. She was so good, and so helpful, I think we both had a really grand time on set. And a top crew.  The art department have excelled themselves with the most beautiful sets.  

And I am told A Confession is on it's way to your screens any minute. That was such an unusual job for me to do. I literally had 2 days on the set in this incredibly powerful series. I did it because the cast is so extraordinary. Some of my real favourites. Martin Freeman and Siobhan Finneran. Superb. I hope you all a chance to see this too. I think ITV have probably done a splendid job.     
SO all good news and fun with it.

Hola from Madrid. 

N xx

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