So, here's a little bulletin.  I had an unusual day yesterday.  Well, actually it was just the afternoon. 

I had a very exciting meeting, (no, I'm still not telling you what) in the middle of Soho, on a roof top with a fantastic Exec Producer or two, and left the building buzzing. I decided to visit the office of my agent and my literary agent. On the way there I stop for a piece of very trendy pizza in an very trendy coffee bar.  So trendy, there is only one tiny bit of pizza on display and only two other people, on stools, at the back of this raw brick living room sized bar. Who should be at the back, on those two stools, but the wonderful Rose Leslie and her equally wonderful hubby Kit Harrington. I don't know either, but I did my usual brash thing of going straight up to people I admire and telling them.

Truth is, I had resisted Game Of Thrones for some years, until a couple of months ago, and am now half way thru‚ series 6!  I love it. Love it.  As does the rest of my family. Angel in particular is a fan, and we now have a great time being amazed by developments. So that was fun. Then my agents were in great form, and on the way out of their office I bumped into the incredible Phoebe Waller Bridge. What an extraordinary talent she is. I found her first series of Fleabag quite hard to deal with, but in an hypnotic way. It delved into places rarely reached by TV, and then the second series with Andrew Scott, well, that was a work of genius. He is a supremely talented actor and together I thought they created the most spectacular piece of TV I have seen for years. I once did a script reading with PWB and so boldly went straight up to her as well and gushed! And with her, part of her marvellously successful team was Jenny Robins, one her producers and in a previous life, one of mine in Lynley. What a fantastic day!  I just thought you would like to share in the star struck day I had.  

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