Now, I think that means, Hello All, but I'm not really sure yet. I am off to Spain to do a very good fun job next week. 

La Templanza, or The Vineyard, is a new series for Amazon shot by Boomerang TV, based in Madrid. So far I have only been out there for a costume fitting, but what an amazing place! I loved it. I can't wait to get out there to start shooting. I haven't meant met the lead lady, Leonor Watling, whose husband I play, or the lead man, Rafael Novoa. But I did get to meet Esmeralda Pimentel who plays Rafael's daughter. She was great fun. We only had an afternoon together but laughed a lot.

There is going to be much hilarity I think with various things lost in translation between the common tongue of Spanish, that everyone speaks, & me, the lone Brit that I know of.  I think there will be a couple more, but I don't know who yet. Do look it up, I am sure there is a lot of info about it out there already. Shooting began over 5 weeks ago. As I say, all I know so far is costume and make up, and a bit of the office. The costumes are just great. and the make up... well, I have my beard back. And it is getting greyer and greyer.  

And, as ever, I am promising new news, but not quite allowed to blurt it out publicly yet. I will when I can, but it is not just about acting! Hehe. Happy Summer to all. 


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