Hello ALL,

Well, I am now writing to you as a 57 year old.  What a wonderful last 10 days I have had. The showing of Annabel Lee was first class I thought.  We had about 80-100 people come to watch the film on BAFTA's large screen.  Gosh. that was a big screen.  And I hadn't seen it put together by that point, so it was an awful lot to take in. I know everyone there was a friend, but even those friends who I hadn't met before, or were industry colleagues, seemed to really like it. There were a few investors who brought chums and that was nice. People made it from all over the world, and that was especially thrilling. I hope no one was disappointed, I don't think so.

Angel wrote a terrific script and Amy brought it to the screen. I thought the two co-stars, Angel & Alex Bhat, were spot on with their performances.  The music, the grading, the sound, and the cinematography made it seem like a feature, the quality was so good. Of course we were rushed at the end to get it ready, but with a few wee tweaks I think, I hope, we have something to take to the festivals with pride. Who knows where or when, or even, if, we get into any festivals, but we couldn't have given it a better shot. I am immensely proud of the work all the cast & crew put in.  

As for my birthday, well, I don't think many people will remember my 57th with as much joy as I will. My family gave me a gorgeous birthday breakfast with loads of presents, most pointing towards working in the garden. Which I then did for a good 2 or 3 hours before watching a bit of racing and rugby. The a lovely party of family & friends to top off a great day.  

I would like to say a special thank you to all of you who invested in our film, and made it possible for me to work with my darling daughter. THANK YOU.  And also thank you for various birthday greetings.   Rock on!

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