Just to keep all of you up to date on the progression of Annabel Lee.......  We're getting to the last bits now. Earlier this week I went to Sofia with Angel to do the very last bit of filming. Sofia???? I hear you cry, well, yes, it has the best tank in Europe for underwater filming, and who am I to stand in the way of ambition? It actually worked out to be cheaper to fly Angel & I out to Sofia and use a crew out there for the day than it is to go to any of the British tanks. Shame really, but not that surprising. Anyway the crew led by Ian and Alistair were terrific. Angel was pushed to the limits in a tank that wasn't properly warm. I have to put my hands up and admit that I was the one pushing.

I even wanted to go one last time, but her little face, and the shivering body persuaded me to wrap up the day's filming, and put a dressing gown around her. She was so good. Just really giving it her all. Just like the other day when we did the ADR, (otherwise known as looping or lip-synching). Now I have always, secretly, considered myself rather good at the challenge of ADR, possibly even "very good". I love it. I love the challenge to work within such tight parameters but still trying to improve it. But Angel.....  now, I know I'm her proud dad and all, but she.... KNOCKED IT OUTTA THE PARK is how I would describe the session. Ten times better than I'll ever be.  

Most importantly we have to firm up our date for the showing of the film. I promise to those involved this will be done v v soon. It's a bit like the whole Brexit debacle isn't it? I bet you are all saying, Oh, just get on with it! I will I promise. Just had May's deal voted down a THIRD time, and I heard one of the new Change UK party members countering the argument against a second referendum, (the only argument against that I can see is people can't be bothered, or are too frightened they would lose) by saying here was an example of many Top Tories changing their minds, why not let the country have the opportunity to do the same. Very sensible. It's like that old comedy series called SOAP where, at the beginning of each episode after the catch up bit, "Confused? You will be!" 

Good luck one and all.

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