What a monumental disaster. So many of us from Labour have been saying he had to go, that his ego got in the way of the man who said he would listen and just didn't. I can't bear that his ego has got in the way of what could have been a thoroughly interesting platform on which Labour stood. Some of his so called Hard Left Socialist plans were, are, in my opinion, rooted in the party's mandate. For the Many & Not the Few is a good slogan, but we have all known that he couldn't hold a candle to Boris' flimflam. My dad would have been proud of re-nationalisation of the railways, but it was a huge mistake to go to the country saying you want to re-nationalise everything. As many of his ex-supporters said, he seemed to want to take us back to the old days, and now we have the same awful feeling in our gut that we had when Thatcher came sweeping into power.


I am sorry EU partners, and friends, but until we have a viable alternative to Boris, the country has spoken. I am perhaps most disappointed that the Green party didn't do better, but I do believe the message is coming across. Go Greta, after another mad and bullying tweet from the numpty across the pond who feels he must attack someone nearly 60 years younger. Greta Great Person of the Year. It's no co-incidence her name is an anagram of Great is it! Deep breath one and all, heads down, & let's try to get out of this mess as best we can. Salut one and all.


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