I am sorry, that headline is slightly misleading.  I could be talking about any number of BERKS...   Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn, The Biggest BERK of them all, DONALD J TRUMP, but no, I am talking about JEREMY CLARKSON.

He has long lived off opinions that are more often than not vicious. To his credit he has recently admitted that there may be something in this "Climate Change" thing. (First off, I think we should always refer to it as "Climate Crisis". Change is too soft a word. This is serious and is happening now. But I digress.)


This brute of a presenter has recently attacked a young 16 year old girl in the press, Greta Thunberg. This champion of Climate Crisis has awoken and galvanised people all over the world with her hugely impressive knowledge and passion. She has had world leaders and and school children alike wanting to meet and discuss with her, and yet Jeremy Clarkson sees fit to rattle off a torrent of verbal abuse towards her as he is promoting his new show. Is he feeling threatened do you think? Or is he naive? Or is he just plain rude and stupid? Has he not seen the horrors in Australia this last moth, or the rising tides in Venice, or the burning of forestry all over the world, or the plastic oceans.   He is a belligerent climate denier who should pick on someone his own size. Perhaps he should be the one going back to school and learning the science.  

On a much cheerier note, the Annabel Lee website is now up and running with many great bits and a HUGE thanks to all involved there. The love that surrounds this project has been enormous. 

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