Well, this is a helluva start to the year. I am still waiting with baited breath to include you in my actual real concrete news. As you know I don't like to tempt fate by announcing anything before signed sealed delivered etc. but I will very soon. 

Congratulations to Annabel Lee and all those involved, we are hitting a few interesting festivals. Yayyyyy.  

The world is doing strange things isn't it? Poor Australia with it's devastating fires and then mad rain. And an establishment in complete denial. Not often one gets to say this, but well done James Murdoch for having a go at your father. For those who don't know he admonished his father for giving so much support and airtime to the climate deniers in charge over there.  

Trumps getting impeached, so that exciting. I can't believe Republican senators saying they refuse to be fair jurors. How do they get away with that? Since Trump's ascension to power the bar for despicable seems to have not just been raised, but to have disappeared.  

Speaking of which, Laurence Fox???  What weird world does he live in to think it's all right to say those things.   
More importantly.... Why don't the press leave Harry and Meghan alone. They are a so cool. I think they are being very dignified in the face of some pretty rough reporting. Well done them!   (& yes Laurence a lot of the reporting IS racist!) . 

I am really looking forward to writing another post later in the week. Possibly even after I have had a costume fitting! Oooooohhhhhh.

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