This week apparently we "leave" the EU. Without any sort of deal set up. Our government and over half the country seem to think this will be an easy process. Bizarre, not least because we have given the upper hand to the EU in every aspect of negotiations. You all know my feelings about this fiasco. Fair enough that we are doing it, that is what the country voted for, and we live in a quasi democracy, but Boris pretending we have any sort of benefit ahead is absolutely living in denial. He and Laurence Fox deserve each other as far as I can see. 

And in typical contrary style, I am going to be heading off to France in a couple of weeks for a new job. I am joining the cast of The Last Duel. This is a movie that Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have brought to life. It's an adaptation of a book of the same name set in C14th France. It's a terrific script and with a stellar cast.  Messers Damon & Affleck are both in it, as is the Man of the Moment Adam Driver, and one of the UK's biggest stars, Jodie Comer. I get to play Jodie's father. All of which sounds pretty f**king amazing, but then there is a kicker here, Ridley Scott is directing!!!!! I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of it and can't wait to get started. This is the first part of the news I was referring to last week. Nearly got to the point of announcement with the other.  Au revoir for now!

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