Well, it's now in a press release, so I guess...   IT'S OFFICIAL. We are making THE BEAST MUST DIE. 

I can't tell you how much effort this has taken, no honestly I can't. I'd probably be breaking all sorts of protocols. But we are on our way. We have a production office on the Isle Of Wight up and running. I am so thrilled to be working with the people I am working with. Ed Rubin is heading the project for New Regency and Marina Brackenbury for Scott Free. Talk about playing in the big leagues! These are seriously talented people with huge credits. Dome Karukoski is directing. He's a terrific man to be at the helm. Really interesting ideas and his energy is infectious.

And then leading the acting department we have the rising star, Billy Howle as Nigel Strangeways, who the series of books is based around. And Cush Jumbo OBE!!!! as Frances, who will be particularly well know to all fans of The Good Wife and The Good Fight. And then we have my great chum JARED HARRIS!!!!!!!!!!! Who needs no introduction.   

I think we would have started this a few months ago, but with COVID being what it is, here we are. The protocols for the shoot are rightly very strong. There will be no flouting of rules! Just SO EXCITED. HOORRAYYYYYYY. 

Of course we still have a few weeks before the first, "Action", so lots of work to do. I will keep you as updated as I can. 'Till then....


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