We're here, we've done it.  THE BEAST MUST DIE, is actually happening. Even up to last the very end, I couldn't believe it would happen. But it is. We are beginning shooting. Fabulous, Fantastic, Wonderful. ALL THE WORDS!!!!!!!

Ed Rubin has been a driving force, but his dedication and Marina Brackenbury's support and know how, have been remarkable. Everyone's hard work has been awe-inspiring to witness. I have learnt a lot. So much. How thrilling to have Cush Jumbo, Billy Howle, Geraldine James, Maeve Dermody, Mia Tomlinson, Barney Sayburn and of course me ol' mucker Jared Harris. That is an exciting cast.

So exciting, and Dome Karukoski at the helm means we should have one hell of a good time and come up with a piece of work both our script writer, Gaby Chiappe, and the author Cecil Day-Lewis should be really proud of.  I'm sure I will update as and when I can, but please be patient, In these Covid days, everything is much harder to achieve and all the crew, from the drivers to the caterers to the technicians, and the costume, as well as the production office and location teams, everyone, everyone is working to get the best, safest, outcome possible and then a really good show. 

Much Love to all. N xx

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