Rarely have I been so relieved to back on the set of project, but this week I find myself in Ireland shooting The Last Duel again. It is grand to be among friends again on this brilliant film. It's like coming back to school after the summer holidays and everyone asking what you did in the break.  I feel like a kid again. I also realise I made some really good friends last time in France. Everyone seems to have survived lock-down in their own way, and most, thankfully, were safe and not caught in the horror. Most of the US contingent of course had so much more horror than the rest of us, and the Italian team who are in charge of hair and make up.  But the Americans have also had to flee the Trump universe. And not the climate is having it's say before the elections. That west coast is being ravaged, and the south east now too. All the time having the orange haired twat denying any responsibility to anything. Arrgghhhhh.    

Anyway back to the film.  It is properly SPLENDID. The design, both set and costume is spectacular and the commitment form everyone on the set has to be seen to be believed. It could be that we are all so grateful to be working again, but it's not just that, we are all so grateful to be working for Ridley again. The man in extraordinary. Bloody genius in both creativity and management.  

From what I hear Beast is going well too. It does seem weird not being there, but that will soon be rectified. And Dome, our gorgeous director, is, apparently, being sodding great!  As is our cast! I can't tell you how proud I am. GO BEASTIES!!!!  

To all of you out there, this damned disease hasn't left us yet, so stay safe. Take all precautions. Wash hands and wear masks.  Love to ALL.

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