This Bastard in the White House....    Has he?  Has he really got the virus? Look, I am not one for conspiracy theories, I genuinely am appalled at the damage they do. For instance this crap spouting from Robert Kennedy about Gates and vaccines?  Oh my god the damage that man is doing around the world!   BUT, I haven't trusted a word that comes out of the Orange Devil's mouth for some time, so should this be any different?  If he has the virus, and his wife too, I suppose I should wish them well, but I don't want to wish a misogynistic white supremacist well. Anyway, back to the point.   Is he really sick with covid-19 or is he hiding? Hiding because he did SO badly at the debate, that his advisors have told him to get away for 2 weeks.  OR is it because he wants to show how butch he is that he can defeat the virus with only 4 weeks to go before the election? As I say, I deplore conspiracy theories, but on this one, ya gotta say..... 


On other news, I have been recording new stories for the Mydworth and Bunburry mysteries all week, which has been fun. And after a busy week next week I shall finally head down towards The Beast Must Die set. How exciting. The rushes have been fantastic and due to the fantastic contribution to an extraordinary team. Not just the actors, but the company, led by the marvellous Sarada MacDermott as producer. Exec producing is one thing, but the actual day to day is a whole different game. None better than our Sarada. Gosh I hope to do more on this side of the camera, and I hope I get to work with her again. I am still learning so much. 

The incredible filming experience that was The Last Duel is over for me now, and I must say that I don't think I have had an experience like it.  Ridley leads by example, he is phenominal.  Matt is also phenomenal, and then, Adam and Jodie, and Harriet and Ben and Marton, WOW, what a project. But also the crew again, amazing. They work so hard for Ridley because they love him. From the hair and make-up dept to the costumes, to the camera and lighting and props, the stunts and ADs, all top class. It was a privilege. Thank you one and all.  

Good Luck and Stay safe to one and all.  

Nat xx

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