Hello one and all,  this is one of the more exciting weeks of my life. The possibilities at the beginning of the week seem endless. I am sure by the end, reality will have kicked in and I will feel as hectic as ever and feet will be firmly on the ground. 

But as it is, I head into a couple of production meetings for a project that isn't yet in actual pre-production, so no official announcement yet, but after a few years effort, I feel as though I've hauled it up the top of a mountain and we are about to shoot down the slopes! Obviously I haven't hauled anything up there by myself, I couldn't have done, but tremendously proud to be a part of it. I will let all details out when I can. but well done those "guessers", you're not dumb huh!   

And I also head off to France to be a part of The Last Duel...  Not much more to say about that, other than... "Wow!"

Reflections on the last week centre around the opening of a new Maggie's Centre at the Sutton Marsden Hospital. This is an incredible hospital that concentrates on cancer sufferers and Maggie's are the most amazing team who provide space and solace for so many sufferers around the country. HRH Camilla came to open the centre, which includes a garden room dedicated to my mother.  Oh how I miss her. I wish I could call her with all my news every day. That's what I wish. My big brother Alan made the room possible and he and Olly & I were all there for event. My lovely sister Lucy couldn't make it. She off trying to make the world responsible! I am proud to be a member of such a family I can tell you. Amazing bunch, and the new generation of Parkers are just as far reaching and ambitious as the ones before them. Make the most of everything people, why not!   

On a final note, wonderful result for Parasite at the Oscars, I think it's great to share the laurels around. If 1917 had won that too, then history looked have looked back and said there was only one film this year, so far ahead of the others that it won everything. It is an extraordinary work, don't get me wrong. And, vicariously, hugely proud of the marvellous George MacKay!  But I am glad something else won. I thought the speeches, again were terrific. Joaquin is rapidly becoming a full blown hero!!! But here's an interesting article worth reading. I found it on CNN...


I hope you all have a wonder-week. I'll let you know how mine turns out. Peace and love to all

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