As far as I am concerned that last week could have gone on forever.  I was having an absolute BLAST.  

Arriving on a Ridley Scott set and meeting up with Matt Damon and Ridley, and then Jodie Comer, and then at the end of the week Adam Driver!!!

I mean, insanely good fun.  Every single member of the crew, and I mean EVERY member of the crew wants to be there.  Ever since I wanted to make movies, not just be in front of the camera, but actually help create the movie, this is the kind of environment I have been aiming for. There isn't a jot of resentment or laziness or taking anything for granted, this is an energised and hard working crew who ALL want to get it right. 


Ridley seems to command that in the best way. I am sure he can have his moments when things aren't all going smoothly, but this week, I didn't see that. And Matt Damon is the Judy Dench of modern cinema. There isn't a chink in his armour! (Well perhaps the character's armour). He is as smart as they come, generous, delightful, collaborative and just damn, nay exceptionally good at his job. I was lucky enough to have most of my little bits with him, and I couldn't have had more fun. Jodie too is an absolute delight. What a stunning, and very well deserved career she is having. I felt so proud to be playing her dad. Silly but true.

And on the last day this week, in fact we wrapped the week, I worked with the Man of the Moment, Adam Driver. Not a small chap! I tripped up trying to tell him how great he was because he is quite awe-inspiring. I so wish I had more to do with him. Then of course there is Harriet Walter, and what's not to love about Harriet. She is one classy person all round and a magnificent actress.   

So it was a knock out week with the stars, but honestly it wasn't just the stars of the show, it was everybody. One person who I had a fantastic evening with after work, was Nicole Holofcener, the writer/director. She is writing Jodie's part of the script. Wow. Now, there's a talent, and, again, a proper kindred spirit. I honestly feel so happy to have had that week. And I wish I could mention everybody but I would be here writing forever. Just quickly do want to mention Luca and Matteo's hair & make-up teams. The world's best. There I have said it. And of course Janty's incredible costumes & her dept.  

As for the world? I am not going to get political today, but Boris and Cummings?  Wow, they must surely be held to account for their behaviour soon, and come on the Democratic party, UNITE PLEASE.

Au revoir!

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