I think Eoin Colfer's books are just such fun to read. It is a pure privilege to be allowed to voice them. I hope you all get a chance to listen to them at some point. They lift your spirits, particularly at this strange time.

Boris has obviously got so much of the government's policies wrong on the pandemic, I think. He sometimes claims that it is "Data not dates" that matters, and that he is lead by the science. Is he tho?  It seems to me that he is led by self preservation. Opening up this week against all scientific advice, as numbers of infections are going thru the roof again, seems bonkers. And saying he will bring in Covid passports, in 6-8 weeks time? We all have the tech on our phones to bring that in now, and if some don't then surely they can get get it another way, via like a credit/store card? 

I laughed when Javid got tested positive (not THAT he got it) and he and Sunak both said they wouldn't isolate. Well done everyone for making such a big noise they had to reverse their ridiculous position. I mean, you'd think, wouldn't you, after having been so ill before, that Boris would set an example, but no. He didn't want to...  Selfish git!   

Really distressing footage of the inhumanity of the slaughter houses killing racehorses. I was jarred horribly by that. How awful some people are. I hope they pay the moral and legal price for their disgusting behaviour. Racehorses are beautiful animals, engineered by us and we have a responsibility to treat them well. Obviously it's not just racehorses that are treated so poorly, but they were the subject of the documentary. What kind of person thinks it's OK to treat animals like that? 

On a more positive note, only 3 weeks to go until rehearsals start on Mirror & The Light. I hope we are able to dodge the Covid bullet and actually rehearse and perform. My fingers and toes are all firmly crossed. 

Keep safe one and all.    N xx

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