Morning all,

I just woke up back in England after a fabulous holiday in Greece.  Wow.  That was stunning.  Just so good.  

For some reason this morning I typed my name into Google to get to this page, well, not strictly true, I was on my way to this page, and suggestions came up. How much am I worth? How much do I get paid? What happened to me? All intriguing questions if you are on a hunt for info about actors.  But OH MY!   What a load of absolute drivel comes up. I had to laugh, and cry slightly.  I wish I worth that much, I wish I got paid that much, and apparently I am still doing Inspector Lynley. Gosh. Talk about Fake News. The interweb is full of it. 

Which brings me to another point. I received on this site the other day, a set of contrasting views and values to my own. Now, this brings up the question; is this a site where I am prepared to debate serious issues, particularly political? In a way, yes I would be prepared to debate, BUT this is my website and I am going to censor some of the stuff published here. It is my right. It is not a political website, (although I do share some of my political beliefs), but if it were, say a political site, why would I publish views contrary to my own? The Labour party doesn't publish Conservative party policy, except of course to criticise it. SO should I let someone, a right wing Republican supporter express views on my personal website? It is a tough question, but I have decided in this case, and I guess it would have to be a case by case decision, that, no, I will not. When I am challenge Texas's abortion laws and am told that is what "the majority" wants and if someone wants an abortion, then they should just pop across state lines, I would argue that abortions are a matter of a woman's own right. It's her body and not a state's. I think "want" is a tough word to use about abortions. I can't think of any woman I have ever met who got pregnant because she "wants" an abortion. And as for the majority, I would question that too. This is a state that is trying to restrict the voting rights of many of it's citizens. Perhaps the majority of white religious enfranchised voters believe that they have a say over a woman's body, but perhaps it would be less of a majority if everyone were allowed to vote in that state.

This particular writer also said that if the US can hold on then hopefully Ron De Santis will be the next president and that I should listen to different scientists.  UMmmmm. Funnily enough, I don't know if you have noticed, but I read a fair bit of news and current affairs from all over the world. This man has ignored scientists. He has scant regard for anyone's views but his own. Look at the figures and tell me Florida has been anything other than a pit of Covid. This debate over cases and mask wearing is now a very different debate than a year ago. It is now a virus against the UN-vaccinated. Yes cases can rise, but the percentage of hospitalisations and deaths from vaccinated people is so totally different from the UN-vaccinated. De Santis has flown in the face of proper science throughout the whole pandemic. I wouldn't be surprised if he made one of Trump's bleach remarks. But hey, I am now inviting debate and I won't have you on my site, so I should hold back on my passion and just say the facts, that this man ...  IS AN ARSE! A MINI TRUMP that would lead your country to a ghastly dead end in the world. Do you really think what America, supposedly the flag bearer for democracy, needs a another despot to face up to the other despots around the world. No it doesn't. It need democracy to shine, Let's hope it finds that strength again. 

Phew. Well, that's a relief. I am certainly not telling anyone how to think, but this is my website, run by the wonderful Jessy, our web-mistress, and I want it to show honesty and positivity and joy and spread LOVE!!!!

N xxxx

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