So many Radio interviews today, and each one of them a lot of fun. I see Radio Wales has been highlighted. That was my first one, there are plenty more BBC local radio segments coming up. Also an RTS forum tomorrow with both Gabi and Dome, our writer and director, which I am really looking forward to and then the Sunday Brunch moment. I don't quite know the format of that yet, but hopefully it will all become clear.

Funny, I had many questions today about re-kindling Lynley. I actually watched a bit of one the other day, and I would like to have another go. I think I would be a lot better at it now, knowing all the stuff I know now from this side of the camera, and having seen Billy be so bloody good in Beast! Don't get me wrong he and Strangeways are very different characters, but it would be fun to have a go. A double header episode that would see if he is at all relevant in today's world.    

We have sorted out the Youtube issue with Annabel Lee, I am very pleased to say. Thank you to all involved. And please do check out the website for AL. A few "laurels" there now! Gotta get on with reading more Mydworth's and Bunbury's now, bye. 

N x

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