In the theatre you get a "Press night". True the press actually come over a series of nights, but that's not the point, they release what they think of the play on a particular night. Same with a movie "release date".  On TV there seems to be a more spread out version. And I think I love it! The sense of anticipation is palpable in my house. Yesterday my lovely co-exec Ed Rubin, who runs New Regency TV and has been my guiding light in this whole Beast Must Die project, called me to say we have some reviews in. Previews I thought he meant, but no, Reviews, And they made me smile. Mostly with relief. Relief that the talent is getting recognised and that as "creatives" our work has started to pay off. Our job is to get the story out there and for the talent and the hard work of the team to be recognised. So, "A Swaggering clash of acting titans" in reference to Cush, Jared & Billy is Pretty bloody satisfying to say the least. Of course there is just a smattering out there so far, but I can see why theatre producers hang quotes outside their theatres in pride!

On a more puzzling note, someone, somewhere, somehow has published Annabel Lee on Youtube, WITHOUT permission. That is a breach of copyright. Amy, out director has asked for it to be taken down, for obvious reasons. It is still competing in festivals, delayed by the pandemic, and this can only hurt and restrict us. Please, if anyone knows anything about this, leave a comment below and I will check it out later. Many Thanks.  

On a very sad note, I was told yesterday of the passing of a really lovely man, who Anna and I both remember very well and very fondly from our time at the RSC. Tony Armatrading. He was a terrific man with an air of joy about him that few are lucky enough to have. Also a wonderful actor. he was 59. We send huge love and respect to all friends and family. 


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