10,000 feet is a long way up. Over 3km . That's quite a long way to fall from an aeroplane. Mind you the plane itself wasn't the most comfortable, it didn't even meet Ryanair or EasyJet's level of service, but little reason to jump. I was shuffled along the floor to the gaping whole that is the door by Tim, my wee Scottish instructor. To be fair he's not that wee at all, and thank heavens he knew what he was doing! Very sweet guy. As were a few of the other "passengers" who I got chatting to before the jump. Congrats to one and all who did it. I think we all felt we would do it again, tho' none of us named the date!   

That moment on the lip the door with my legs tucked under and my head back...well I am so glad Tim did it for me because, honestly, it is frightening. Well, it would be if you had the time to be frightened. Everything happens in a bit of a blur, and then suddenly I was tumbling and a feeling of slight nausea happened as we span, but pretty quickly that sudsided and wonder took over. I haven't seen the footage yet, I am expecting it any moment and it will get posted.  I think the OSCAR peeps will help me with that, and I will try to send it over to the marvellous Jessy too. I think I plummeted a little quicker that most. My weight but also we span (nausea again) a few times for fun!  It was a feeling to be remembered for the rest of my life. 

In between the fall and returning from Spain, I managed to fit an afternoon and evening in with my chum Jim Basker and his students in Oxford. That was great fun. I just told stories and answered questions. I love doing that. 

Raffi has now returned from Spain too, but poor thing is a wee bit injured. They all had quite a punishing last day. Legs started to go and feet and ankles complained big time, but she did it. She was wonderful. hold on, she IS wonderful. Well done her, another experience never to be forgotten. I am an extremely proud father. And also a relieved one. Relieved to have everyone back home, and NOT to be a splat on the face of this beautiful earth. 

Speaking of our beautiful planet, who are these crazy bastards in charge of bits of it.  Senator Joe Manchin, what a complete HORROR.  I swear he is a Republican. what rock is he hiding under?  He will go down as one of the worst climate deniers when the history is written.  And then there is the NYT piece about the 10year old who was raped and impregnated by her rapist. Read this and show it to any Anti-Abortionist. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/07/14/opinion/10-year-old-abortion.html      This should be an Internationally known piece. It disgusts me how the right wing media has covered this. Disgraceful Republican media.  Trump talked about fake news, well this is an example of his favourite people making it up, faking it up on the spot and being proven to do so. What a world.   

Anyway, with my feet on the ground and my family all here, I am the luckiest man alive. Hooorraaaaayyyyyyyyyy.  weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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