The Lionesses!!!!! What a brilliant tournament they have had. What a brilliant team mentality. It was just a great night for both women and for football. Football may not be my favourite sport of all but it is the common Global sport and has been ripe for change for some time. Who knows the impact on the International perception, but certainly amongst the male players and supporters this was something to cherish and admire. As for the night being great for women, how can it not be? 

I watched with Anna and a friend, neither of whom are devotees of the sport, in fact they never watch, but both were immediately struck by the wonder of so many women.  What a great thing.  I do think the game is actually more fun to watch then men's quite often. The skills are remarkable and they play in the spirit of the game. What a relief. What a triumph. HOOORRRAAYYYY!

Now, I am not here to complain......   or am I?   But these two numpties vying to be our next PM.  Ridiculous. Connected to last night, where was the Minister for Sport?  Where was the bloody Prime Minister?  Ooooh, I know the answer to the second question, which may also apply to the first. At his incredibly expensive, over the top belated wedding party held at Daylesford, in the screeching upward curve of a Cost of Living Crisis.  The horror of the entitled!   He never did give a fig for the people of this country except when they could give him power.  My money is on Williamson and Dorries getting into the Lords.  In one respect Good Riddance. but in another, How fucking dare you!!!!!! Rees-Mogg will probably join them.  Are there a more hated trio in politics right now? 

And as for the Supreme Court Jester, Alito and his AWFUL Clarence Thomas, not to mention the liars who all told us that Roe v Wade would survive and blatantly flipped the bird at the people of the US......  Well they have to find the dividing line between Religion and The Rule Of Law.  Gradually we in the UK have edged out the power of religion from our politics, and it does make things clearer, perhaps it will take moments like this when the people they supposedly represent take note of how far they have to go. But to have elected the first woman of colour to the bench and in the same breath restricted women's rights is mind boggling. I am yet to meet a man, or woman for that matter, who can reasonably justify having power over an entire gender's reproductive rights. I have met people who maintain life begins at the the moment of conception, but those people are not doctors, they have been people of faith. When I have someone perform a medical procedure on me, I do not want someone who believes they can do it, I want someone who is trained. These doctors who maintain safe times for terminations aren't just guessing, they are balancing the best outcomes for the mother and baby. What happens inside a mother is a miracle as far as I am concerned, but it is TOTALLY the mother-to-be's right to determine the outcome. 

Now, back to the garden. Finished working on T.I.M. last week. That was fun. Very talented cast I think and a terrific new director, Spencer Brown. Fingers crossed they have what they wanted. It was great to be part of their team. 

Thanks one and all, (Particularly Rhiannon and Scarlett!!!!)   xx

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