Well, that's the end of an era isn't it? Her Majesty. She was the most extraordinary woman. The whole world respected her. Some may not agree with the monarchy as an institution, but very few didn't view Her as the exception. So many lives has been touched and felt special thanks to her. I truly hope Charles will become as strong a figurehead. The anti royalists will probably now want to curtail his influence. He will have no power, but his position is one of power. His activism in the face of commercial greed, whether it be in the world of business, architecture or the environment has always been strong, and now I read he has to stop making his thoughts felt. WHY?

He is an intelligent and caring man with a world wide voice. I certainly don't care if he wasn't elected, he is a force for good in the world. His policies may be called, almost sneered at, as being "progressive", but what's wrong with that. (Why is progressive a dirty word?) If he has no actual power what are those in power afraid of? When you look at some of the people in this world with so called "elected power", and what a monumental mess they are making, thank goodness there are people like him who use their voice. Strange isn't it when those who have power can't bear to lose it, and what they resort to in their efforts to keep it. BBC bashing because it highlights issues is particularly personal, but look at nations where journalists' lives are at stake for speaking truth to power. I may have gone off on a tangent here, but it is an extension of the same thing, and Charles, within the realms (ooh a pun, see what I did there), has always done that. Long may he continue to speak truth to power and lead by example.  

Of course I am terribly sad that our longest reigning monarch has died, but what an innings and LONG LIVE KING CHARLIE 

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