Hello All,  2022.   Yes, it's here. It's definitely here. And aren't we all just thrilled to bits the ways it's going! Let's be honest, it can only get better. I'm not just talking about the cricket. I mean, if they will play with a ball that looks like a a wine gum, what do they expect? 

The news is full of horrible stories, Boris, Andrew, Novak & the one that Trumps them all... Putin. Argghhh.  

So I am just going to really scream about one thing right now....   BBC. What does our sodding Culture Secretary think she is doing? Freezing their funding and then cutting it??? The Tories have been gunning for this for some time, and with our focus on Boris, they seem to think his is either a good diversion or something they can slip in under the radar.  I'm not sure it matters, the fact is they are doing it.

This is an amazing institution that deserves proper funding not grinding down until no one recognises it. That is what they have been doing. It is an age old tactic of the Tories, run the service down financially so it can't keep up and then say it needs more independent investment. It makes me very sad and very cross. It maybe overweight in some ways but it is also one of the best services in the world. If there are any petitions out there to sign about saving the Beeb, then please do. 

Annabel Lee has been racking up more awards for any one who wants to check, Terrific work guys, and a special thanks to Mel for running the website and keeping it up to date with the various laurels it has won. Certainly more than any other short film I have been involved in! Yea!!!

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