Boris.  Dear oh Dear Oh DEAR!!!!!

As if watching the ridiculous lying of Republican Party members in the US about Jan 6th, (I mean do they not realise THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING!!!) has not made it clear enough, Boris has taken it upon himself to join the ranks of insufferable lying toads. SO MANY different lies have been spouted over the last few years from his mouth.  I would love to say it started with the Double Decker bus claim about how much money we would save as a nation if we left Europe, but it started well before that. Jennifer Arcuri will attest to that. So could The Times, who had to sack him. I don't mean by the way, the broken promises, because every politician is guilty of that. It's part and parcel of being a policy led profession. I mean the blatant LIES. 

 Most recently his utter disregard for the truth surrounding "Partygate".  Loads of people broke the rules during lock down, and were punished for it, or even lost their jobs. Some honourable people resigned, but this is about so much more. They made the rules and are at the most important address in the land, an address that should be a marker for all of the highest levels of integrity. So not only did they break the rules, they, and most importantly HE, BORIS JOHNSON, has lied about doing so. He HAS misled the house, and I wish a whole lot of MPs had followed Ian Blackford's example and called him out on it. Perhaps we would have seen Lindsay Hoyle eject benches worth of MPs, from both sides. 

I heard many people on the radio this morning, including cabinet ministers saying, "Any reasonable person could see that Boris was not culpable for the harassment of Kier Starmer and David Lammy yesterday." This is gaslighting. Making us assume that if we think differently WE are NOT reasonable people.  I didn't hear one honest defence of our ludicrous PM.  He has sunk to new low over the last week. I read that he has said it would take a tank division to remove him from office.  That to me sounds like a familiar rallying cry to the orange haired loon's, "If you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a county any more!" Can't he see how dangerous this slippery slope is?  
Actually Boris, it's not a tank division but a VOTE that we get you out of office!   

For anyone who wants a good but sad laugh, check out the New York Times' Opinion piece, "The first thing you need to know about Boris is that he is a liar!"   Brilliant.  (& please excuse my capital letter littered throughout, but they were the emphases in my head)

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