Hello everyone, I have had a wonderfully hectic ride the last 2 or 3 weeks. Hence the lack of Nat during birthday week. I have been having a great time, with so many people to thank for the hugely generous presents and wishes.  So, in one blast THANK YOU ALL!

I have actually just completed a job, well, I say completed, my fingers are crossed we will do more...  I have had a quick check on IMDB, that oracle for all things (never as quick as Jessy for info of course), and it says of the project.... "The project, The History Of A Pleasure Seeker, which is based on Richard Mason’s novel, is a musical drama set in Amsterdam in 1907".  And I made a contribution as a German Prince. I don't think I am allowed to say much more but it is actually a really good feeling on set and working for Disney/ABC again. Hulu and HatTrick are co-producers. Richard, the writer and show runner, is the head and as I have said so often, organisations are lead by the head. In this case it was a slick and hugely enjoyable venture led by Richard! Lucky us!  Not even all the cast are mentioned on IMDB, so I'll keep it under my hat, except to say, if we are lucky enough to get the go ahead to do more, it'll be a blast.  But I never count any of those sweet little chicks prior to their hatching, so I won't hold my breath.  It's a superstition and tactical thing. If I discount it, I won't be disappointed if it doesn't happen. This is a tactic I have used most of my life, and I am not going to change it now. I never take anything for granted. Far too much to learn. 

Speaking of not taking things for granted.....This awful bloody government!!!! They continue to surprise in a way that is continuing hurtful to thousands of people. The way Boris and his cohorts try to slide out of responsibility is astounding. Rees Mogg, Nadine Doris? Priti Patel?  Do they think people are fools?  Yes is the answer to that. Except, I wonder if they ever actually think about how other people think, empathy isn't their strong point. They seem to have no empathy, absolutely none. I spoke with some shadow cabinet members recently who described Patel as dead behind the eyes, and RM & Boris as two of the most entitled people on the planet. This didn't surprise me, just sadden me.

The constant lying and dodging must be portraying us abroad as a bunch of idiots. There are those around the world who would like to shuffle democracy out through the cat flap, never to be heard of again, except as a dirty word, like socialism, or even liberalism. Trump and Boris are really good examples of how democracy can benefit the few and be manipulated to suppress the masses.

Voter suppression is rife in Republican areas of the US and the UK can see it in the headlights of their own government. As a example of state government in the US, Texas is truly full of the most backward and pathetic groups of people.  Of course not all of them, but I am sorry, abortion rights, gun rights?  Don't they see the contradiction?  The Governor, the senator, the police officials over the last few days have proven an embarrassment, not just to themselves, but to the amazing state that is Texas. If the only way to defeat them is at the polls, please Texans, please get rid of these ridiculous Republicans. There are many other wonderful republicans, why choose these twats? I say there are many wonderful Republicans, I don't know them, but I don't believe all Texans uphold the chaos and suppression of rights these dangerous fools extol. "Good Guys with guns"? Your level of self deception is extraordinary Cruz, you too Trump. And Abbott.  Bastards! You should be ashamed. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims families and friends. Honesty and change should be the debt paid by the government there. 

Ooohhhh. It felt good to get that out. I am sure some will disagree with me, but if you do, can I please ask you if NO change is a good plan? 

Love and respect to all, (well nearly all)

N x

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