Why Oh Why Oh Why...   am I jumping out of a plane?   Well, to be honest, I have always wanted to.  Strange and bizarre I know.  I am gradually piecing things together as I get older, and I think 60 is the kinda age when I am allowed to piece things together and come to my own conclusions. Not my own facts you understand, just conclusions. I have said a few times how I discovered my profession when I was 9 visiting my sister in Cambridge as she played Lady Macbeth in her first year.  I went up all by myself as a 9 year old on the train and watched her that night at the ADC.  Seeing Lucy up there, My Sister, playing at being a Scottish Queen from the dark times of history, made me realise that THIS was acting. THIS was what I had to do. 

Up to that point I had wanted to be anything I saw in the media, a train driver, and astronaut, a 12th century King. I realised everything I had been doing while living these characters in the garden, atop the shed, had one common denominator, ACTING. Yippee.  So it was when I watched war movies, with people saving the world by jumping out of planes. So, I have always wanted to do it.  A relatively new but substantial friend must have spotted a certain "lack" in my life and thought, "I know a good present.... Weeeeee"

Please do donate.  No money is going towards the jump, it is all going, via the Just Giving page, to Oscar Foundation.  Obvs, they need no introduction here. The amazing Lucinda Sowerbutts has helped me organise the Just Giving page, so please search it out and, if you can... donate.  Not a great time to ask people for money I get that. Honestly I do, so please only give what you feel you can.  A pre-emptive THANKS.

I have a very busy diary at the moment, but not too much actual work, more generating work.  I have never been particularly logistical minded, so it ain't easy, but my amazing daughters have been helping me.  Everyone here is well, thanks for asking. Lots of dog walking in hot sun. I have to say, dog walking for 3 dogs takes out quite a lot of one's day.  I would love to teach our old dogs new tricks, like walking to the park themselves, but it just doesn't seem to work.  There's probably a saying for that.

Before I go...  CELEBRATION DAY.  Check it out at celebrationday.com    It a really lovely new concept. I have contributed (not money) and so can you all.  This isn't about raising money (that can go to OSCAR!!!!), this is about remembering someone, or more than one, who helped you on your path to who and where you are today. A moment to reflect.  It's a beautiful idea, that we hope will happen every year.  xxxxx

Won't go political today.  This bunch of numpties in power..  Ya see, I nearly did.  So easy to rage against the machine, but standing powerfully with alternatives is a huge challenge for the opposition parties.   My one statement today, (you see, I couldn't resist it!) is about tactics. I honestly believe there is a sure fire way to get rid of this sycophantic (to Boris) bunch of arses, and that is to UNITE.  Labour and Liberal Democrats/SNP should only fight where they need to, and otherwise stand down and/or fight alone. UNITE Labour policy with the GREENS.  Take on board EVERY green policy they have.  Make the Environment the new Brexit. Labour lost badly because their supporters wanted out of the EU. Now, I might disagree with that, but it happened. The election was a ONE issue election. NOW, we need to make the next election, one big fight over the environment. UNITE with the Greens on ALL their environment calls.  Other issues, like foreign policy or education can be discussed but honestly the environment isn't messing around, and neither should we.     Ooh, lanced that boil, sorry.  Had to say something. Have a WONDERFUL day one and all.   

 Hugs to all.

 N x

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