I had a very interesting Monday and Tuesday this week. With the joy of having to concentrate on an art form I haven't really looked at for some years. The Short Story. I used to read them a lot because, well, they are shorter than novels! But it has been a while and rather joyously I have now returned because of a young man named Wilfred Laurence. This is a man I have known for all of his life. His u is a very good friend of hers. 

She brought Wilfy up on her own when he was about 5 years old. And he is between my two girls' age, so, yes I changed his nappies. The thing about Wilfy is he has surprised me totally with his short stories. As soon as I read one I wanted to record them. I thought probably record him and doing a little interview on the back of each one, and he can have something to show around. I could even do it as a podcast. 

I do like listening to podcasts, but getting one published may not be quite so easy. I will try my damnedest! Once they have been edited I will put up a link on this website, or even make them available from here. "Awards" is his first in the series of six that we recorded, and it is quite brilliant. I hope you enjoy them. I got to read the 4 longer ones which was great fun. It's gonna take a bit of editing, something I am not used to, but am going to do the best I can. 

Angel's writing is going well. She's about to start raising money and get into pre-production for a new short film that will be a formidable calling card for a feature of the same story. Very exciting. And I am trying to get Bria together, which is the film script she wrote for me set along the Puglian coast. Fingers firmly crossed. Raffi is testing her culinary prowess with a course at Leith's Cookery School. Judging by her recent attempts, it's going very well. 

Love to one and all around the world.   N x

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