Hi there both of you. I wonder who I am referring to? Could it be ME, with my trigger finger operation, and hopefully my knee too, so I can on with my acting life? Or is it our erstwhile Prince of Wales, now KING of ENGLAND......  Congrats Mr Charles Windsor, you drew the shortest of straws. It may be that this is one of the most wealthy and privileged people in the world, but don't forget he didn't CHOOSE this job. 


The answer in across the pond....That Chump of an Ex-President has been found Guilty. Cows are mooing, Cats are mewing (neither of those is a metaphor, but bad florid writing), birds are singing, women will, on the whole, be safer, altho.... Will they? This ghastly human being has glorified sexual abuse but his "pussy grabbing" and his self promotion to Hero status that will mean some bloody idiots will look up to him.  

I am in Puglia again with Anna and the two girls, well they join on Thurs. I am checking out some locations for a film I would like to produce along the Puglian coastline.

By the way I am noticing loads of spelling mistakes. Sorry about that, my fingers aren't completely mine yet when it comes to typing.....  Yes this script will be a beautiful film, as long as I don't mess up.  SO proud to be doing it. When I say doing it, I hope to film here in spring 2024l I read the latest draft the other day and looked up at Angel, who wrote it, and said, I wish I could write like that".  She's actually doing another short film, this time as a calling card for a feature. it has a STELLA cast. Two guys who are my age and yet SO much busier than me dammit, are starring. I won't tell you who. She is going to release a short video for "investors" very soon, which will tell all. Another great idea. I am jealous of these two actors. But testament to Angel for writing such a great wee script that they have pledged to be in it..... pending their availability of course, but they have agreed. Attagirl Angel!  

Sending love to the world xxxx

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