Well, that was a messy few days in Puglia. Weather-wise. Rain, wind and really quite cold.  Now back in Londinium all is sunny and warm and the roses are out, in force. Gotta love spring. Of course there were moments of breathtaking beauty down in the heal of Italy. The swaying windflower meadows with poppies and dandelions. Pink dandelions!  Never seen them before.   

So the week ahead has the Oscar Ball on Friday. The marvellous Hal Cazlet, who is a composer and performer extraordinaire, and I will be MC-ing the evening. Singing, dancing and MONEY raising.  The people behind it, led by Lucinda Sowerbutts, who runs the charity with Ashok, have done the most wonderful job pulling things together. I'll let you know what we raise.  I have often thought in the past, why hold these kind of functions?  Why don't people just give the money, and we don't have to go thru' all the palaver of organising SO much stuff. But a lot of people want to share the experience and it does reach some very wealthy and influential people this way, and it just encourages even more people to share their wealth.   And I am looking forward to it. With all the formality that goes with it, I am looking forward to being quite silly. Yippee. 

I feel I may have over loaded on Trump rather, isn't he just the a cuddly old white guy with ridiculous hair? No, obviously not, but by comparison to our current, (and previous come to that), Home Secretary, he could to be.  Suella Braverman is an awful human being. None of us are humans for that long, why make people who have suffered so much, have an even more terrible time?  Honestly I think she is the least compassionate, unempathetic, human on the planet. I would love to reflect on a cosy warm accepting Britain, but that would be false, we have never really accepted people, even people who we "ruled" over. Just see the struggles the Windrush Generation are still suffering. But having separated ourselves from Europe in a completely selfish and unnecessarily way, we now find ourselves in a position of lack. Lack of resources, lack of influence, lack of PEOPLE. So when people do arrive on our shores, having struggled thru' horrendous trauma to get here, WHY send them away? Why not welcome them and say, hey, guys, and gals, here's the thing.... Join us, work with us and we will look after you. This *&@! is threatening to send them back to where they came from, or onto Rwanda, anywhere but here.  And those that have been allowed to stay she makes life so difficult for that they have no proper place to live and no security for them or their families. She is a heartless, nasty and brutal woman. Have her Indian, Tamil, Mauritian and Kenyan roots, (just a one generation immigrant to the UK) taught her nothing? She does not represent me or the Britain I want to live in. 

Phew, that had to be said. Sorry, but I felt it so strongly this morning when I read her comments in a speech yesterday. 

Work. Yes, what of work? I am writing and trying produce....  Both are a bit slow, but full of exciting dreams. And podcast possibilities are opening up. I am having some fun discussions about my ideas. How cool would that be, a podcast!  Well fingers crossed.   

See ya'll soon. N x

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