First of all I send huge respect and support to Julia Ormond, who has taken the enormous step of suing Disney and Harvey Weinstein and the agency CAA.  

Now to the happy news for our production Operation Epsilon.  We have a nomination for Best Ensemble with the Offy's (?).  Well done team.  Bloody marvellous. 

The Tories seem to be fighting to go further right every minute.  Go, go right, you eejiots!  

Laurence Fox, has shown himself to be the absolute fool that he is. He has disappeared down some rabbit hole.  Good riddance.

Saw The Effect today at the National Theatre, oh my, Paapa, just gets better and better.  But the whole cast were incredible, really wonderful. After seeing Grenfell there recently, I have to say I think we have the most amazing National Theatre.  (Maybe one day I'll work there, who knows)

Come on England, on all the various tournaments...  all good fun.

Finally, Trump.. He could be in really trouble with the New York Fraud trial. Yippeeeeee.   As I think he used to say... "Lock him up!" 

Sending good vibes to one and all.  x

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