I am SO excited to be doing this show.  I have been bouncing off the walls the last few weeks knowing this was happening.  It's such a brilliant play. Tom Stoppard is SUCH a legend and Nina Raine is going to be so great to work with.  

Yesterday I went down to the theatre for our first day of rehearsals and a read thru', and the first person I met there was Tom Stoppard himself. We greeted each other like old friends, altho' I am not sure we have met more than once or twice. He was charming, and the fear I had dissipated in an instant. Then came Jacob Fortune-Lloyd. I am a HUGE fan of his in The Great. (which is one of my favourite shows of all time!!!), then Nina. All going great, Then... Jane Gibson !!!!!   Jane I haven't seen since I did Vanity Fair, and just before that David, so around 25 years, but that is the important bit. Jane was my most extraordinary teacher at LAMDA.  She taught me Animals, Clowns, Masks and Historical Dance, (Known to us as Hysterical Prance).  She was the best teacher I ever had for movement or anything else really.  Unfortunately, I wasn't her favourite student. She had quite a battle with me, but looking back, I know why.  She had to break thru' my reasonable well-formed ACTING exterior. Not as easy job, and not enjoyable for me at the time, but, HEY, she was the best. Then I met most of the cast, who are awesomely good. The design is great. Btw, I am yet to discover what Jane is doing here, but it's gonna be exciting, and I am going to be as open as I have ever been to her.  Jane and Nina !!!!  Fucking GREAT!!!!!  

I'm off to learn a couple of the MANY lines.....  Byee. 

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