Oooh. Can't wait. The Almeida !!! There are a few theatres and studios I would like to work, and this is one. And it's a new play, Alma Mater. I have felt pretty lucky throughout my career, and this is just another example of my luck continuing. And I get to work with Polly Findlay and Lia Williams and an old chum, Susannah Wise.   

It's not a play that centres around me, which is obviously a mistake, but is a discussion around the third and fourth phases of Feminism, set in an Oxford College in present day. I get to play an upper middle class, upper middle age white male. Now there's a surprise, I hear you say, and another university professor. But this is rather different from pervious peeps I have played. All very interesting for me, and the advice I have had from family and close friends is.....  Keep quiet, sit back and learn! Sounds pretty cool to me.  

And I nearly ready to reveal a plan for later in the year. But not yet. Things are coming together for a busy end to 2024.   

Till then..... Ciao. X

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