So my news is out. I am pleased, because I am buzzing about it. So thrilled to be working with Siân again, after, well, let's not mention the amount of years.  We met up again at the photo shoot and as last time, I was bowled over by her. She is a glorious person, an icon. Our director is James Dacre. Hugely looking forward to working with him. The wider cast hasn't been announced yet, when I can, I will. But I am thrilled. I will try not to learn the lines yet, as I have my hands full enough with Alma Mater. I met up with that play's writer, Kendall, and Lia who leads the ensemble, last week at The Almeida for the opening of The Comeuppance. Bloody great show, if any of you are in London and wondering what's on that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. It is a beautiful space. So is Bath, though. Perfect for Rattigan. We will be touring it too, those dates will be announced soon. As far as I know, the places we are going to are all top-notch and the theatres just as lovely.  

This will be a coupling of one act plays that hasn't been done before. The second play from Separate Tables with the Browning Version, which itself came to life as the second of two one act plays. And our version will not have been done before. James is working on it now. SO excited!

And I have just had a 5 day rehearsed reading process directed by the amazing Maria Friedman. Known for doing musicals, and with the hottest show on Broadway at the moment, she has been working on a new version of Sweet Bird Of Youth. Great fun it was.  Altho' we didn't have any scenes, the biggest plus for me was that Nancy Carroll was playing Princess. She is SO BLOODY MARVELLOUS!!!  Anyway, that was fun, and as you can tell, I am a lot busier than this time last year! Phew.  And clean-shaven.  On the Vanity front, did any of you see the pics from the Olivier's?  I just can't seem to get those photos right. I am either very fat faced with chins galore, like at the premiere of Long Day's Journey Into Night, or my head is the size of a watermelon like on Sunday. I think I may have to have major head replacement surgery, to go with the various knee and wrist replacements I have already had!  

Till that time.....   All the very best to anyone out there. Oh, by the way Angel will be releasing a couple of songs soon, like in a few days, so please please please listen and if you like SPREAD THE WORD.  She is bound to need all the hits or clicks or whatever, she can!

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