I don't want this to finish. I am having such an amazing time with this wonderful cast in this fantastic play, I really don't want it to end. Our last night is 27th Jan, next Saturday. That means there are only 10 shows left, and I will be very sad and emotional this time next week. ARRGGHHHHHHHHHH. As Jan in the play says, I will become a "parasite". Unemployed. Let's hope not for long. I have found both plays recently such fun to do, that the bug is very strong within me, and I want to keep going. 

"Meanwhile", as the great Stephen Colbert says, what the crazy FUCK is that loony Boris saying....  The world does NOT need Donald Rapist Trump to regain the presidency. Wake the FUCK up Democrats!!!! You are sleepwalking into an absolute DISASTER!!!!!!

Phew, just had to say that. Have a great day one and all.  xx

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