JPR Williams. What a man. A Legend. He was my favourite rugby player as I grew up. He was who I always aspired to play like. If you don't know any of his highlights, please check him out on BBC i-player or on the interweb.   
My Dad used to play proper level rugby for Bedford, and I am told once played for the Possibles against the Probables at Twickenham. And every other weekend during the season we would go to Bedford to stay with his dad, Tom, and we would watch the rugby. I had the time of my life. Every Saturday I would run on the pitch in the half-time, or at the end and every time ask for the players autographs. I was allowed in the changing rooms like a wee mascot. Page was the full back there, and he was my everyday (every other weekend) hero. But JPR was what I modelled myself on as a rugby player. HE was the best, the very best.  Thank you JPR for all your marvellous moments and all that inspiration you gave me. 

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