Three new episodes by the highly successful author duo  Matthew Costello and Neil Richards are about to be available from early 2023.

The instalments No. 11 and 12 are called Mydworth Mysteries - Fool's Gold from January 27, 2023 and Mydworth Mysteries Murder in the Dark from February 03, 2023.

They can be listened to via various on-line outlets of your choice. If you wish to buy and download them, please head to the publisher's website at Bastei-Lübbe.

Mydworth Mysteries - Murder in the Dark

Harry and Kat take the sleeper train to the Scottish Highlands for a New Year's weekend, guests of an American movie mogul who's bought himself a 'real live castle'. But when a massive blizzard leaves them isolated, it soon becomes clear that the other guests who've made it through the snow all have secrets. And after an 'accident' that is clearly no accident, our two heroes wonder...could murder be ringing in the New Year? Can they discover – in time – who is in mortal danger, here in the snow-covered mountains, and most importantly...why?

Fool's Gold

When young Ewan Mackay – on a dark stormy night – sails his little dinghy out to a mysterious wreck site some miles offshore from Littlehampton, he never returns. The police assume he drowned at sea – but Ewan’s father is not convinced and asks Harry and Kat to investigate. Soon, they learn there are not only dark secrets about the night Ewan disappeared, but also plenty of people who wished him harm. And as they dig deeper, they too find themselves in grave danger both on land and sea...


A Deadly Match from March 24, 2023

When heart-throb American tennis coach Todd Winters careens off the road in his speeding car one night and plunges in the river, it seems like a tragic accident. But Winters was a young man with many dangerous secrets, and Harry and Kat discover there’s no shortage of people who wanted him out of the picture. Soon they discover clear evidence: the accident was no accident at all. And now Harry and Kat had best be careful too… even in the genteel world of the Mydworth Lawn Tennis Club, a desperate murderer could be ready to kill again.

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