T.I.M (Technologically. Integrated. Manservant), is the debut film from British filmmaker Spencer Brown.

Inspired by ’90s stalker thrillers, the film follows prosthetics scientist Abi and her adulterous husband Paul as they adjust to life outside the city and Abi’s new job at the high-tech company Integrate, developing a humanoid A.I. – T.I.M. At first, T.I.M appears to be the perfect aid, understanding and catering to their every need but at the same time, it is becoming more and more obsessed with Abi, until it will stop at nothing to take Paul’s place. 

Steaming on Netflix UK from August 12, 2023, Brown co-wrote T.I.M with sci-fi author Sarah Govett. The film stars BAFTA TV award winner Georgina Campbell (Barbarian), Eamon Farren (The Witcher), and Mark Rowley (The Last Kingdom) alongside Amara Karan (The Night Of), Nathaniel Parker (The Last Duel), and Tom Bell (Late Night Mash).

Matthew James Wilkinson and Patrick Tolan of Stigma Films are producers on the film. Executive producers are Damian Jones, Simon Marriott, James Owen, and Kush Thakrar. The film was financed by Quickfire, Shoutloud Creative Ltd, Arthrofilm Ltd, Trigger Films, Capture, and Bait Studio

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